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Winery & guest house Abteihof

Weingut & Gästehaus Abteihof
Bernkasteler Straße 5-7
54470 Graach

Tel. (0049) 6531 4036
Fax (0049) 6531 6019915



The Abteihof winery is located in Graach an der Mosel. The Pauly family has been growing wine on the Moselle since 1624. Today 1.5 hectares of vineyards are cultivated. The vineyards of the winery are located in the surroundings of Graach: Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich and Domprobst as well as Brauneberger Juffer and Kestener Paulinshofberger. There are vines that are up to 50 years old and true to root. The grapes of the plants are fermented in traditional wooden barrels. If you would like to spend your holiday at the Winzerhof, a guesthouse and holiday apartments are available.