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Weingut Norwig

Weingut & Ferienwohnungen Norwig
Am Frohnbach 1
54472 Burgen

Tel. 0049 6534 763
Fax 0049 6534 949504



Norwig wine estate in Burgen in the Middle Moselle region is a premier, long-standing destination for vacationers. Currently, it manages about 8 hectares of vineyards in the best sites of the Middle Moselle. Guests can convince themselves at a wine tasting that quality is a huge priority with them. Wine lovers can choose their preferred quality, be it simple table wines or top quality ice wines. The vineyards are cultivated close to nature and the grape and wine processing is done very gently. All wines from the winery - first and foremost the Riesling - are picked and selected by hand in their own vineyards. Low yields of fully ripe and healthy grapes are the basis of aromatic wines rich in extracts.