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Tourist-Information Neumagen-Dhron
Römerstraße 137
54347 Neumagen-Dhron

Tel. (0049) 6507 6555
Fax (0049) 6507 6550



For thousands of years, viticulture has shaped both the cultural landscape of the Moselle and the art of living of the people who live in this beautiful region. Get to know this in probably the oldest wine village in Germany, in Neumagen-Dhron.

Neumagen-Dhron, as the site of the famous Roman wine ship and many other relief and inscription stones from the 2nd-4th century AD, is considered the "oldest wine village in Germany". A Roman fortification, a castle, was located there as an example of the last great heyday of the Roman Empire on the Moselle, which began with Emperor Constantine. Today, many finds from Neumagen-Dhron can be found in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Trier. Dhron was also settled in Roman times. A walk through the tranquil winegrowing village with its beautiful wine yards and old mills is worthwhile. An extraordinary listening experience awaits the visitors - along the archaeological trail, on the site of the late ancient Roman fort, exciting stories and anecdotes come to life with the new Lauschtour app. Also recommended is a hike through the romantic valley of the Dhron to Papiermühle, where the Moselle becomes a Hunsrück landscape. The biggest attraction of Neumagen-Dhron is certainly the "Stella Noviomagi", which is located below the marina in its own harbour basin. The "Stella" is a roadworthy replica of the famous Neumagen wine ship. Translated with (free version)