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Cultural heritage

This is absolutely unique: if you follow the ever-winding blue Mosel and Saar rivers along their course, you will not only always find yourself between green vineyard slopes, but you will also come across historical evidence from times long gone at every turn. The Roman poet Ausonius praised the beauty of the Moselle region in his poem “Mosella” as early as around 1,650 years ago, and, to this very day, many ancient landmarks line the paths through the valley and up to the neighbouring mountain ranges. But it was not only the Romans who shaped this WeinKulturLand (Wine & culture region). Throughout the following periods, too, beautiful cities and villages emerged everywhere. Historic buildings offer various destinations for excursions, idyllic half-timbered towns with meandering alleys and beautiful spots invite visitors to linger and provide quaint refreshment stops as well as stylish overnight accommodation. Grouped around time-honoured churches, they huddle in the generally narrow, fertile area between the river and the vineyard slopes. On the hills, chapels and places of pilgrimage, often only accessible via steep crossroads with fantastic views, give you the opportunity for inner reflection. In the vineyards, great historical sundials announce the time, and the castles, once upon a time powerful guardians of the valley, sit enthroned above everything.

Many historical places are venues for cultural events, particularly for the Mosel music festival, which is the oldest of its kind in Germany as well as the biggest internationally oriented festival in Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, there are also traditionally rooted things to do and see, such as Passion Plays and Mosel operettas. But time has certainly not stood still: for example, ultra-modern wineries have won architecture prizes, sculpture trails line the river bank and every two years, Winningen, a town on the Mosel, organises spectacular art festivals.