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Cycling events

Cycling discovery days provide the best opportunity to intensely experience the Moselle region as the ideal cycling landscape, completely untroubled by motorised “competition” on country lanes and main roads, which are completely off-limits to motorised traffic.

Saar Pedal (19th of May 2019)

“Saar Pedal” will open up new zero-emission perspectives from 10 am to 6 pm, on 40 kilometres of road connecting Konz and Merzig. Live music, stunts, show acts, plenty of music and dancing ensure additional momentum; the locations can also be reached by special trains.

Salm Cycling Experience (29th of May 2019)

The „Salm Cycling Experience“ is a cycling experience for everybody wanting to explore the Salm valley, in particular families. The cycle track between Dreis and Klüsserath is flat with a maximum height of 100m and is suitable for non-professional cyclists. The cycle track is 17 km long and runs along the Salm from Dreis to Klüsserath.

In addition to an adventure programme for the entire family, culinary delights of the region are offered in farms, vineyards and local associations during the cycling day, which takes place on the last Sunday of September.