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A great day on the Saar and Obermosel


Experience the inspiring and at the same time relaxing revival of the “good old days” by spending a day in the Saargau region and on the Obermosel. The verdant hilly landscape with its forests, clearings, small villages, vineyards and fruit orchards alone exudes the unspoilt charm of country life, in which the clocks tick more slowly. Here, words such as “charming” and “picturesque” spring to the minds of travellers … and precisely sum up what can be seen. With its Amüseum at the waterfall, with the museum in the Hackenberger Mühle underneath the waterfall and with the famous former Mabilon bell foundry on the streets of the Old Town, Saarburg, a small vibrant city at the foot of a majestic castle, has a lot of beautiful and historical things to offer. Lunchtime in the nearby Mannebach is a wonderful experience for fans of beer: in the unique beer garden and brewery atmospheres, there is freshly tapped beer that is known for its quality all over the region. The rest of the day belongs to the Roscheider Hof Open Air Museum: over 22 hectares of open space and 4000m2 of exhibition areas, the most fascinating things from the cultures of Rhineland-Palatinate, Lothringen and Luxembourg attract old and young curious minds… to participate, touch, look and enjoy. Everyone will be happy in the gardens, in the grounds and on the playground!