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A marvellous day down by the river

For many people, holidays down by a river also mean holidays on the water… at least for one day. This is possible with the motorised White Fleet or by using your own muscle power as part of the “galley crew” aboard the reconstructed Roman wine ship, the Stella Noviomagi, from Neumagen-Dhron. Because the Moselle, as a river excursion route, is equipped with numerous embarkation points and footbridges, trained or even untrained water fans, too, can hire a canoe from a number of hire stations to paddle out on to the river and experience the gentle waves and current: the finest possible ‘river feeling’ with a completely different view of the sights on the riverbanks. Thanks to the appropriate safety standards, this is also a suitable leisure activity for families with children. If necessary, there is a short briefing on canoeing technique and traffic rules on the river - then nothing stands in the way of fun with the swans. Hour-long or day canoe trips are also ideal on the Saar, the biggest tributary of the Moselle, and on the German-Luxembourgish border river, the Sauer. In total, on the three rivers, there are over fifty embarkation and disembarkation points or resting places, which enable canoeists to take a break from paddling. Twelve rowing clubs along the Moselle also offer some hire boots or, upon registration, bases to dock your own boat.