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Indulgence on the Roman wine routes

Sit back and enjoy life… this wonderful sense of being can be found by spending a day on the Roman wine routes, which includes a wonderfully beautiful view down the river Moselle from Trier. The heart of the Treverers – the town gets its name from the roots of Augusta Treverorum – lies here. And as visits to the Urbana villa in Longuich and the Rustica villa Rustica in Mehring with its sophisticated, antique constructions prove: the Roman conquerors, used to Mediterranean luxury, submitted only too well to the mild climatic conditions of the Treverers’ native country. They let their botanic souvenirs, the vines, grow on steep slate slopes – how the precious rock was once mined is demonstrated by the visitors mine in Fell: on hot days, a welcome change in temperature, on rainy days, the ideal underground adventure and a real experience for every day trip. The nearby Triolago swimming and leisure lake in Riol not only entices you to sunbathe, but also brings exercise enjoyment to the wine route relaxation with water skis, summer tobogganing, golf and pedalo trips. Relaxed journeys of discovery around Triolago can be enjoyed on a gliding and zippy Segway … as you can see, even sporty activities can be undertaken a bit more enjoyably on the Roman wine routes than anywhere else.