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Knights and castle days

The Moselle region is the region of knights. There are around 100 castles and castle ruins along the river, some on the Eifel side and some on the Hunsrück side. They are witnesses of a turbulent medieval history in the borderland between the cultures of the French, Luxembourgish and German principalities. What today lies peacefully and picturesquely in the sun-blessed landscape previously served the purpose of war and was often fought-over. The quintessence of the Moselle castle romanticism can be experienced by Middle Ages fans if they go on an excursion to the Ehrenburg castle, the Eltz castle and the Reichsburg castle in Cochem. Each one is different from the other and each one is a real highlight of ancient architecture. The Ehrenburg castle in Brodenbach is an all-year-round, family-friendly “living castle” with historic handwork, medieval music and adventure-filled exploration of the castle. With its fairy-tale architecture and its magnificent treasure chamber, the Eltz castle in Wierschem, still inhabited by Count and Countess, is regarded as the most intact and most beautiful castle in Germany. Finally, the Reichsburg castle in Cochem, which visibly sits enthroned above the Old Town streets of the Moselle city, will make art connoisseurs smile: in the 19th century, the Berlin castle romanticist Ravené breathed new life into the castle, which was destroyed in the 17th century, with a colourful mix of styles.